Curiosity by Helen Valentina

CuriosityCuriosity by Helen Valentina

Peter Graham believes the world ended some time ago and nobody noticed. He is a young man driven by one essential quality-curiosity. But when he couples that with his feeling that nothing matters anymore, he does something reckless that catapults him into the media eye as an unlikely modern hero. Peter goes through the dance of media and political opportunity to further exploits, which he uncovers through his overwhelming curiosity. All the while, he writes in his private journal, determined to prove the world has ended; his outside adventures have done nothing to dissuade him from the truth of his view. Meanwhile, his family and friends struggle to keep up with his recklessness, understand him, and keep him safe from his own inherent, happy nihilism. Curiosity is the darkly comedic tale of a somewhat benign sociopath who, while dancing through a celebrity-worshipping age, takes risks and burrows into a surreptitious modern world where every secret worth finding is deep and dark.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Much different than Helen Valentina’s previous release, “The Seed,” this book explores the darker depths of the human psyche and the choices we make when we are put into unusual situations. I must agree completely with the title of this book. The main character is certainly “curious,” as is the overall book. This is a story that will make you think, comes at you with blunt force and will not cease to surprise you.

Would I say that this book will be for everyone? Certainly not. There is an abundance of foul language (I happen to agree with the philosophy that people talk this way in the real world and without it this book would not have been able to be what it was.) If this type of thing bothers you, then this might not be for you. I think you have to be able to handle reality and have an open mind to make this book work.

The outlook of the main character is at times a bit twisted and it seems his view of things is skewed, but other times he makes so much sense that you can’t help but nod your head in agreement. This book reminded me, in some ways, of a social experiment. How would we react to the same situation that the MC faced? It is hard to say. I liked the ripped from the headlines quality of this novel and the dark humour kept me turning the pages in anticipation of the next funny revelation from the characters.

This book will make you question the things you think you are sure of and make you wonder about your own morals and personal reasoning. Helen Valentina creates the type of characters that stay with you, long after the book is finished.

I would recommend this book to people who like to get away from the mainstream once in a while. If you enjoy reading books that are thought provoking and “curious,” you should check this out.

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24 thoughts on “Curiosity by Helen Valentina

  1. ‘Thought provoking and curious’ is an intriguing phrase for recommendation. I definitely enjoy books that are off the beaten track and different. This sounds like a very interesting read. I like the idea of a ‘social experiment’ and, as you well know, foul language does not concern me. I adhere to the same view as you, it is real language and as such I feel it adds a certain reality to many books.


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