Yesterday Road by Kevin Brennan

Yesterday RoadYesterday Road by Kevin Brennan

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Have you ever read a book where you became so close to the characters that the end of the book felt like a sad parting of ways? This happened to me with Yesterday road. Often, I find that one of the things that sets a decent author apart from a truly gifted one, is how many characters they are working with. True, it takes talent to have a huge cast of characters and be able to make them all work, but having just a few means that they all must be independent of one another and extremely important. Kevin Brennan is a truly gifted author.

This book makes its way from beginning to end with three vital characters. Naturally, they encounter others along the way who each play an important role in the story, but it is the same three characters that you come to know and love, grow to feel empathy for and ultimately become like close friends or family members in the end. This is the kind of book that you want to savour and enjoy every word of.

I have a special fondness for novels that use repeat passages in certain locations to get a point across, and this author has a way of doing so that makes you both smile, and feel a stab of sadness each time this certain passage appears.

After reading both “Parts Unknown” (A few years ago) and now “Yesterday Road,” I can assure you that there is magic in the pen of this author and this magic comes from his ability to make the ordinary more extraordinary. It is easy to form a lasting bond with these characters and even find yourself wondering about them as if they were real people long after you have finished the book.

Yesterday Road is a book of second chances, lost memories and new friends that will keep your attention and your heart occupied from the first page to the last. My highest recommendation.

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  1. I have this on my list, as you know. I am really looking forward to it and your recommendation has certainly helped ramp up the anticipation. Damn! I wish I could read faster and get to it sooner.


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