a night sky







A shuddering breath parts my lips
loneliness belies the truth
a snake coiling over my belly
and past my unadorned hips


The darkness casts a shadow
renouncing light imposingly
I reach for an apparition
A phantom specter no longer here


Peering around this tidal wave
a perilous sea of obsidian
memories of what we were once
tendrils of smoke my only friend


prisms of pain fall from my eyes
from behind my starless gaze
striated and notched this heart
repeats a simple phrase


“I need you” it whispers
with no reply I come undone
then settle into solitude
with bitter realisation

Published by: Ionia Froment

Blogger, reviewer, theology/philosophy major. I'm a mother and a writer and a supporter of free speech and freedom in general. My favourite author is Albert Camus, and I listen to a bit of everything. I've been too busy (LAZY) to blog in the last few years, but I'm giving it another shot.

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39 thoughts on “Realisation”

  1. This is haunting and beautiful at the same time. And so very true. The words speak to the heart which I am certain is from whence they came. I always enjoy your poetry.


  2. Another beautiful poem that captures so perfectly those emotions that separation creates. You are never alone though, I am always in your heart, until I can be there with you.


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