Red Sky In Morning by Paul Lynch

Red Sky in MorningRed Sky in Morning by Paul Lynch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is hard to put into words. This is not a bad thing, it is just with the amount of lyrical prose in this novel it makes it a bit hard to describe adequately. I think in order to appreciate the work of this author fully, you have to experience it for yourself, rather than hear about it second hand.

That being said, I try to provide a fair and honest review for all the books I read and so I shall do my best.

First of all this is one of the most beautifully written novels I have ever had the privilege of reading. The way the author wrote the passages using selective language to convey his point and the emotion and situations of his characters, rather than using miles of description and dialogue sold me on the first chapter. This book is different than many others in a similar genre and that, for me at least, made this worth the time to read and to recommend.

I was particularly impressed with the consistency of the main character‘s personality. He is reliable and makes decisions one would expect him to make based on his traits and what the author shows you of his life in the first few chapters. I enjoy it when you feel you can count on a character to be who they started out the story as, just more learned and experienced.

The secondary characters in this book are strong but not overshadowing for the main character and his cause. I liked that everyone had a part to play and that there were no pointless characters.

The story moves along at a comfortable pace and leaves you with answered questions and wanting to read another book from this author. I would definitely recommend this book to others, it is daring, bold and unforgettable.

This review is based on a copy that I won in a goodreads first reads giveaway. All opinions are my own.


8 thoughts on “Red Sky In Morning by Paul Lynch

  1. This sounds wonderful. The use of well considered language rather than reams of meaningless description makes for tight directed writing that is always a pleasure to read. The consistency of a character is good, as I hate it when a character does something that just seems so unlikely, based upon what we know about them. Sounds like a good book for me to check out.


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