It could always be worse

This post is for my dear and wonderful friend Pam


You could get up in the morning to the sound of the doorbell ringing, thinking it was a delivery man with a holiday gift for you and see this…amoose






Staring at you instead.


You could find out a rich uncle left you all of his assets and then find out your rich uncle wasabernie….








Bernie Madoff

You could find a time machine and think “awesome! I can be 21 again!” and then sneeze and reset it back to a certain time and place in Pompeii. avolcano





You could be stuck in an elevator with…















you could get invited to cook dinner for a special guest at work and realise this is the guest….








Don’t worry–I burn stuff too!


What I am trying to say is, in spite of the aches, shivers, chills, sweats, fever, sore throat, misery, and overall feeling of craptastic glory…things could always be worse.

FEEL BETTER SOONagetwellwish






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25 thoughts on “It could always be worse”

  1. You are a sweetheart Ionia, and Pam is a dear. You also make us all smile. 🙂
    Alligators are the thing that goes bump in the night around here Pam, so again, be grateful.


      1. When I lived on Big Lake Toho, an alligator snapping turtle once knocked on my door. I could not see anyone there. When I finally opened the door, there he was climbing the door and knocking his shell against it, and about 20 feet behind him him was a ten foot long gator in pursuit. Needless to say I closed the door and called animal control.


      2. LOL, and slipped in it trying to close the door, and found yourself face to face with an alligator eating a turtle…now that’s a funny mental image…though horrifying at the same time.


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