Tuxes by Scott Fivelson

TuxesTuxes by Scott Fivelson

Scott Fivelson, whose screenplay satire riffed on the music industry in “American Reel,” starring David Carradine, Michael Maloney, and Mariel Hemingway, now turns his satirical sights to Dynasty, Dallas, and the whole rich-family saga in a novel about a modern Texas empire run by a greedy entrepreneur who gets his comeuppance when his prehistoric ancestor is found frozen but alive, becoming the Chairman of the Board… in TUXES.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I began reading this book I didn’t make it past the first page without laughter. Scott Fivelson is a sharp and witty writer with the ability to transform characters from words on paper to real people that make you think about the world we live in.

I wasn’t sure what to think before I began this book, sometimes satire is done really well and is entertaining and smart and other times…well, not so much. This book is definitely smart and fun.

Based on the rich and monetarily-motivated families of Texas, this book follows the goings on of one family in particular. The story rises and falls around the decisions and actions of the characters, showing more of their personalities and characteristics as the book progresses.

If you are a fan of the books that focus on Big and Rich Texas, you will need to keep in mind that this is satire.

I particularly enjoyed Cad’s character. The upheaval he brings to the story made for a nice jump in pace that carried the story until the end. This story is full of hilarious quotes and wry observations that you will want to share with those around you.

Overall, this book was a lot of fun. It is a short, tightly-woven read worthy of a recommendation.


8 thoughts on “Tuxes by Scott Fivelson

  1. Nice review. This sounds an interesting and fun book. I enjoy this kind of satire as you also get to learn a lot about real situations and events, but from a different standpoint or approach. What I have already heard of this book has definitely encouraged me to take a look.


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