Blog Tour: Allure of the Gypsies by Charles E. Yallowitz

By Jason Pedersen
By Jason Pedersen

New Year is here! New Year is here!
So let’s all head to Windemere!
Grab a drite and dance a jig
no matter if you’re small (Charles)
or big…

The final day of this blog tour,
in case you haven’t heard of “Allure”
Check out the links provided below
and while your at it tell those you know

The third book in the series is out
so find out what the buzz is about
take a half-elf by the hand
and dance away to the gypsy band

Make a tweet and spread the news
hit facebook (support our Jew)
I mean…
Hit Facebook and reblog too

If he hasn’t killed me yet,
this next year is a sure bet
But I do the best I can,
for Luke and Nyx and the author man….

Happy New year peeps! Check out Legends of Windemere author Charles E. Yallowitz


And check out his books, and in particular “Allure of the Gypsies”



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      1. Maybe keeping it short and sweet, or abbreviated would be a good thing. If we try to hard to find words we will eventually lose sight of our original, rather short-lived goals.


      2. Before long we will run short of intelligent phrases to use – shit, perhaps we have already failed to overcome that small hurdle. Perhaps we should lower our expectations of reaching the heights of brilliance that we expect.


      3. I am sure that whatever we do we will never get ‘close’ to achieving anything approaching maturity. Just been feeding Fishy, it is important to let your ‘pet-ite’


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