Check out this lovely winter poem!

Poetry by Pamela


Softly falling snowflakes
A flurry of white swirling to the ground
A snowman we will make
Once we are outdoor bound

Great big snowballs for his trunk
A carrot for his nose
Add a scarf to give him spunk
He needs wellies for his toes

But then time to warm feet and hands
Time to build a fire of hickory
And dream of beaches of white sand
While flames are all flickery

Tomorrow as our snowman shrinks
Under sunny skies of blue
I wonder what he really thinks
About the cold weather too

I hope he can take the chill
I know that I prefer the heat
As I trudge to get up the hill
And struggle against the snow and sleet

I would much prefer to be a bear
More than a snowman of white
I could sleep the winter away without a care
And not feel the…

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