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One of my very favourite people on this planet is the blogger of the week this time. I love her and her other half so much that it is hard to put into words. But I’m going to try anyway. Have you ever met one of those people who just makes you smile when you think about them? Meet Katie Sullivan and her minion…er…Druid “D.”

Why do I adore Katie? There are too many reasons to count. I love that she makes us all laugh, that she is a talented writer and a great mum. I also think she makes talking to yourself an art form. In fact, I believe she has perfected it.

If you haven’t visited with her and D yet, go say hello to them over at:


You know I wouldn’t steer you wrong. If I ever do though, I have a whole list of people you can blame to absolve me of any wrongdoing, starting with Charles.

33 thoughts on “Blogger(s) of the week”

  1. Ionia – you make me blush! Thank you thank you thank you thank you (D is dancing. Thank god he dances better than I do… of course, with that kilt, he’d want to – and yes, even though he’s a Pict, he’s taken to wearing a kilt, just to be contrary). You, my dear, are so wonderful, words don’t quite describe it. I have a million hugs, all headed your way. 🙂


  2. A perfect pick for blogger(s) of the week, Ionia, and very apt description of Katie: I smile whenever I think of her too. She does have that effect on me. D, not so much 😉


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