What can you do with .99 cents?

You could go to McDonald’s for a cup of coffee that has been sitting for way too long.

You could stop by one of those turn the dial machines and get a rub on tattoo.

You could get a pack of gum.


* I recommend this option *

You could go and buy Pamela’s newly released book of poems:

41aaaE1RQvL   At one point last year, Pamela was still claiming that she was not a writer. We all knew better. Here is the proof. Pam’s poems are heartfelt, thoughtful and filled with emotion. Whether she is writing about love, weather, or any number of other things, her poems touch a deeper part of those who read them.

Show your support for her first foray into publishing and don’t forget to stop by her site and tell her what you think:)

Also, click the cover to purchase 🙂






14 thoughts on “What can you do with .99 cents?

  1. Have you read The Ezekiel Project by Christina Knowles? I read it in one day, and I usually don’t get through a book that fast. I’m reading The Goldfinch now, but it is slow and wordy, but beautifully written and deep. I guess I like the fast-paced typed as well as poetic.


  2. I like that suggestion! I will buy it later today. I have a decent amount of poetry I’ve written over the years, and I have considered looking to publish it as a collection. Do you happen to have any thoughts on whom to look to for such an endeavor, as in specific agents, agencies, or publishers that might accept an unsolicited query for a poetry collection. Thanks!


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