Not my usual post

Okay good peoples. Yes this is a book review blog and yes this has nothing to do with books. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I wanted to do something a little unusual. I’ve seen a lot of how to treat your lady posts so I thought I’d be hated by feminists everywhere and do a what every good man should have post. My humble opinion:

Every good man should have a woman who lifts him up and makes him feel like he is the most important man in the world.

He should know that she loves him through good times and bad.

He should never have to wonder if she will be there when he goes to bed at night or when he wakes in the morning (work obligations aside.)

He should be able to rely on her to tell him when something is a bad idea, but know she supports him no matter what road he takes. 

He should count on her to tuck him into bed when he has too much to drink and also to bang those pots and pans around in the morning to remind him to get up.

He should know every minute of every day that he is the most incredibly handsome man on the planet.

He should always feel like the luckiest man alive and should make her feel like she is the luckiest woman.

For all the ladies out there who have a good man…tell him. For all the good men out there, thank you and we love you.

And for everyone who is still looking–cupid is watching.


41 thoughts on “Not my usual post

  1. Yes. Yes. YES! Thank you, Ionia. As others have already commented, it just seems like all of the attention is on how men treat their women. It seems to be a given that women don’t need to think about it, or that they’re already doing everything they can and should. Well, that aint true. Thank you for what you’ve done here to suggest it goes both way.s


  2. Hear, hear! I’m not one for jewelry anyway, but I also get really annoyed at all the romantic stuff aimed at guys doing stuff for girls. The guys need love too. So do other people (friends, kids, etc.). Thanks for this great post. I am very lucky to have my guy. I hope he knows that.


  3. Given the note about feminism, it set my radar twitching…

    Maybe instead of phrasing it as “every good guy should have” (what about gay/bi/ace guys?), like it’s an entitlement to have a woman do all these things, maybe rephrase along the lines of what an ideal partner should be? Viewed like that it’s a great list, but the gendered implications did make me shudder slightly.


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