Paranoia in Self-Publishing?

An interesting question for indie authors

Legends of Windemere

I had a thought yesterday that birthed a panic attack that my dear friend Ionia had to smack me out of.  I think she rather enjoyed it a bit too much and I’m still looking for my missing contact lens, which is weird since I wear glasses.  There’s also been a phone ringing for the last 24 hours.

Seriously though, take a look at what an Indie Author has to face:

  • Negative Reviews
  • Abusive Reviews
  • Abusive e-mails, FB comments, & Tweets
  • Pressure of writing another book
  • Writer’s Block
  • Marketing failures
  • Finding marketing sites
  • Bad sales days
  • No sales days
  • Amazon rankings
  • People reacting to your rankings falling as if it’s time to pack in the dreams and head for the nearest cubicle.
  • Finding time to write
  • Editing
  • Hate sites if you get that far
  • Haters if you make a wrong move
  • Illegal downloads of your book
  • Returns of your book

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