The best things in life are FREE!!!! (Here’s one of them)

What are you guys going to do this weekend? Wait…you are not going to spend all weekend reading? Well, you should. I even have a suggestion for something you can read. The best part is, it is


Yes. Free is a beautiful word. Without further adieu, here is the promised FREE book. If you read and enjoy, remember that us writer like people really find reviews helpful:)


A tale of love and steelClicky the book cover to download free from Amazon:) Today (2/8) and tomorrow (2/9)

Here’s some info about the book…but really, what else do you need to know besides free? Okay, as promised:

Check out the book trailer below 🙂


The Goddesses Dared…
born on Earth and banished to the stars
her name struck from history
the conqueror of tyrants and builder of worlds
the greatest hero that ever lived
it’s time her story was told

Take a journey to the stars. Exile: A fast paced, unforgettable adventure, where the past and the present meet…in the future.

Earth has fallen and now a new world faces an old threat. Against that backdrop, a story unfolds. A tale of love and romance, murder and betrayal. Epic battles, beautiful princesses and evil witches. Time travel, angels, fate and destiny and…in the middle of it all, a woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders and a yearning for a love promised long ago.




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