Add some steam to your Heart Day

Whether you love or hate this Lover’s day, Harlequin has something exciting for you to read. Take a moment and browse, you might just find some spice, some romance, some entertainment:) Also check out the Valentine’s reads below.





9 thoughts on “Add some steam to your Heart Day”

  1. You sure know how to screw up a day, or is perhaps that cold medicine is still having it’s way with me? I think I’ve become obsessed with genre-blending and for the life of me I can’t seem to find anything under “Rugged Weddings” or “Sexy Summer Babes”!

    Please help.

    Small Town Lawman Lawrence


  2. Please hurry – things are getting more complicated by the minute – the Polish lawman may soon be having an unexpected dinner with the Ethiopian princess who lives next door – that’s if she agrees to Chinese. Oye!


    1. I will be there as soon as I am done waiting for the character who died last season to get here with her husband, the cop she just found out is part of the mob and is sleeping with the nurse. This could either be a soap opera or a porn movie I think. 🙂


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