The Arnifour Affair by Gregory Harris

The Arnifour Affair (Colin Pendragon Mysteries, #1)The Arnifour Affair by Gregory Harris

Set against the fog-shrouded backdrop of turn-of-the-century London, Gregory Harris’s new historical mystery series introduces tenacious sleuth Colin Pendragon, and a case that illuminates the darkness lurking in the heart of one of England’s most noble families.

When a carriage bearing the Arnifour family crest–a vulture devouring a slaughtered lamb–arrives at the Kensington home of Colin Pendragon, it is an ominous beginning to a perplexing new case. Lady Arnifour’s husband has been beaten to death and her niece, Elsbeth, left in a coma. Is the motive passion, revenge, or something even more sinister? Police suspicions have fallen on the groundskeeper and his son, yet the Earl’s widow is convinced of their innocence.

Even as Colin and his partner Ethan Pruitt delve into the muddy history of the Arnifour family, a young street urchin begs their help in finding his missing sister. Ethan, regrettably familiar with London’s underbelly, urges caution, yet Colin’s interest is piqued. And in a search that wends from the squalid opium dens of the East End to the salons of Embassy Row, the truth about these seemingly disparate cases will prove disquieting, dangerous, and profoundly unexpected. .

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Arnifour Affair is a fairly interesting mystery novel set in Victorian London. Whislt I immediately thought of Sherlock and Holmes, the author did a good job of making his characters have their own personalities.

The main mystery, for me at least, felt a little lacking as I thought it was a bit too obvious and had been done before in other books, but the side mystery kept me interested and turning pages. I liked the dynamic created between the two main characters. They had a unique relationship and worked well side-by-side.

I was definitely a little irked by the repeated usage of certain words in this book and by repeated gestures, but not enough that I wished to stop reading.

The plot wasn’t bad and the story kept pace pretty well. The dialogue was mostly well written and kept me engaged with the happenings in the story. I quite enjoyed some of quips in this novel and found a lot of the passages quote-worthy. Intelligent and well-spoken characters make me happy.

I would have liked to have seen more of a background history on the main characters, particularly on Colin, so we could see how he got to where he was when we first met him in this book.

Overall this was a good start to a new series that promises to satisfy a desire for mystery.

This review is based on a digital ARC from the publisher and provided by Netgalley.

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