The Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan

The Path of Daggers (Wheel of Time)The Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“The Path of Daggers” is the 8th book in the highly regarded “Wheel of time series” by Robert Jordan. I heard a lot about this book before I decided to read it, and I have to say, after actually reading it, I agree with both camps.

The book itself is lovely. The cover is great, (Trade paperback edition released Nov. 2013) and it is a beautiful book to hold and enjoy. (I tend to forget how wonderful real pages can be now that I read digital copies so often.)

Just when you think there cannot be any further possibilities for a cliffhanger that goes unresolved, Robert Jordan surprises us again. I will warn those of you who were hoping for a resolution to the cliffhanger at the end of book seven…you won’t get much resolution and there are even more unresolved events born in this book. Thankfully, since this book was originally published the next few books are also available, so you won’t have to wait forever for that resolution to come.

There is a lot going on between these covers :)Yet, nothing really happens. I know that is a stark contradiction, but it is true. This book is mostly set up for the next few books.

The writing is good, but there is a lot of dialogue and character thought to wade through. This is definitely not the book you want to choose as an introduction to this series, although if you have been following from the beginning, the way Jordan handled this will not be much of a surprise.

If you are a devoted fan of Rand, you may want to prepare yourself for the image destruction in this novel. Whilst the previous stories were setting him up for this change in personality, this one really displays what has taken hold of him. Personally, I was happy to see the author continue on with his initial unspoken promise that people would change, events would unfold and nothing would be the same as it was in the first book.

I do have to say, the female characters in this book are brutal and merciless. I was actually a little surprised that the males in the book are painted as being less hostile and more even tempered than the females.

Overall, this was a good addition to the series and ties together the previous books and the next books in the series fluidly. I was impressed that the characters did not behave exactly as I would have expected–nice to know there are still surprises to be had in such a long series.

I think if you are a devoted Jordan fan, you will want to add this to your collection, although it is not the most exciting book in the series in the way of action scenes.

This review is based on a print copy from Goodreads Firstreads. All opinions are my own.

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11 thoughts on “The Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan

  1. I have not read any of this series, but it certainly looks a series worth exploring. It sounds like there is much to keep it interesting. I will have to have a look at this series. So many books that you recommend are added to my list. You are making it grow bigger than I ever expected. I also enjoy it when there is a lot going on between the covers.


  2. I am so happy to finaly see something on your pages I allready read and I don’t have to buy! 😀
    PS: I hate Rand since the moment I saw his character on paper first time. Perin all the way!


  3. I was lucky enough to meet Robert Jordan at a book signing in Leeds (UK) when I lived there (I have lived in Denmark since 2004). I think it was around the launch of #5 in hardback, as I got the first four UK paperbacks signed.
    At that point I remember asking him how many books he was planning for the series as a whole. He said at that point he had nine mapped out, but it could well be more.
    The first three or four I thought were excellent, but five onwards I just felt there was too much padding, too much ‘inner conflict’, too much of the White Tower people, too many dream sequences, and way too little action, or of anything much happening. I stopped reading at #7, I think, though I have up to ##11 on the shelf.
    I will agree that Rand is irritating, though necessary. The real character I cannot stand, is Egwene. I think she is probably the main reason I haven’t read further. I think Jordan has also gone too far in writing strong female characters. To the detriment of the male ones, Rand and Mat in particular.
    I was also brassed off they changed the cover designs after #9, from the illustrations to the hideous, though no doubt much cheaper/cost effective, black backgrounds. There’s nothing in those covers that says ‘buy me!’, ‘read me!’, or is in any way inviting for new readers.
    Thanks for an interesting and thought provoking post.


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