Blogger of the Week

This week’s blogger of the week is a wonderful guy with a great personality. He makes me laugh daily, is always kind and helpful to his fellow authors and gives me another reason to be grateful for wordpress. He is also a very talented author, find his book here:


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You can find out more about Lawrence and his unstoppable personality here:

5 thoughts on “Blogger of the Week”

  1. Thanks so much Ionia, though I’d like to clarify a few things. I can be a bad boy you know – I’ve even been kicked out of a few discussion groups on LinkedIn – something about a guy named TED. They didn’t want to hear about the truth of no lines in nature, and don’t get me started on the timeless issues. 🙂

    And thank you too Charles. I hope you continue to conquer that “worse enemy”.

    Now I must stop for lunch. I’m thinking something cheesy, though corn is not out of the question!


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