First Impression: A Shadow Maven Paranormal by Pauline Creeden

First Impression: A Shadow Maven ParanormalFirst Impression: A Shadow Maven Paranormal by Pauline Creeden

Chira Kelly thought she didn’t need anyone…until she met Ben.

Because of one ugly rumor, Chira lives as an outcast at her school. Which is fine with her, because she works better alone. Always has, always will. And at least she has her one and only true friend, Tasha. When Tasha insists that they join a group to visit a possibly haunted abandoned old schoolhouse, she’s wary, but joins her friend. Because of that decision, their lives are in jeopardy as a malevolent spirit targets the group. Tragedies and accidents pick them off one by one, and Chira finds herself drawn to the one person who can see the truth. But can he protect her?

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a fun and entertaining book!

I wasn’t sure what I would think about this title when I first stumbled across it. There have been so many YA books with similar themes that I sort of expected “just another one,” but this book was truly a standout.

The story is a quick read and easy to follow, but has quite a bit of depth to the plot and the characters. I liked the main characters a lot and for once, agreed that they should actually be together. So many times I wonder why an author will force chemistry when there is none.

Ben is a very solid character with an interesting past and a lot of things left to reveal about himself in the coming books. I like the way the author writes her dialogue. It is age appropriate for the group of teens she was representing, and never sounded false or pushed.

I would have liked to know more about Chira’s past, but perhaps that will come forth in future books. She was a likeable character that was easy to support.

The story did not go as I expected it to after a quick reveal of the paranormal aspects, and this made me happy. I loved that the characters were consistent and reliable but the story was not predictable.

I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series, and encourage you all to check it out.

This review is based on a digital ARC from Netgalley and the publisher.

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