Call for Volunteers! (I Have a Form this Time!)

Come help promote the next exciting adventure in the Windemere Series.

Legends of Windemere


We’re getting close to the debut of Legends of Windemere: Family of the Tri-Rune.  All I need is the cover art and then it’ll be 2-3 days of hype.  Still, it’s not too early to get volunteers for these events.

  • Cover Reveal–  This is a simple revelation of the cover, book blurb, and my author information.  I’ll be sending an HTML file of this to all volunteers about 1-2 days before it has to go up.  Since I don’t have the cover or a clear completion time, I can’t give an exact date.  I apologize for this, but I’d like to get volunteers without doing a last minute scramble to get my book out.  Timing is everything.
  • April Blog Tour–  Like last time, I will give a day to each volunteer to make their post and I’ll do a thank you…

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