A question of film and lit

I want to see that book made into a film! We hear this and say this all the time, but do you ever think, I want to see that film made into a book? I have been wondering about this for a while. There have been many times when I watched a film and thought–this would have been so much better as a book. Every have that feeling? Often it is because I didn’t feel the film had the time to explore the story as much as the book would have and that gets me wondering where it might have gone had it been a book.

What movies would you turn into books if you could?

What are some of your favourite books that have become movies?


*As a side note, I know I haven’t been around much lately everyone, and I apologise for that. I miss reading blogs and interacting with you all. Work has been crazy and it has been pre-testing time for my boys in preparation for their state mandated CRT’s. Busy, busy. I’ve also got a pile of books to read–but that is a problem I am willing to smile about.

Anyway–I love you guys, and as soon as things settle I will be back in action full time, stalking your blogs with nonsensical comments and hugs.



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33 thoughts on “A question of film and lit

      • Yeah, I was surprised that it was an original screenplay…though for sure it must have been based on a book.

        A week or so ago I watched a film called “My Dinner With Andre” which I hadn’t seen since it first came out in the early 80’s. It’s even more relevant today than it was back then, much in the same way as Orwell’s 1984. However, the film is much different than 1984, but I can’t remember whether it was a play first.

        It would be pretty hard to put into book form, given that it’s almost all dialogue. Have you seen it?


      • I haven’t, but I’d like to. Sometimes those dialogue heavy movies that put everyone else to sleep fascinate me. “A Beautiful Mind” was certainly one of my favourites.


      • Agreed…you have to be in the right frame of mind for a movie like “My Dinner With Andre”. Perhaps patient? Definitely alert as there is a lot of ideas covered over the course of the meal…no pun intended! Ebert describes it as a movie completely void of any cliche.

        Last night I watched another film that would suit this post. It’s called, “The Words”. It’s about writing and the writer’s life, but with a lot of interesting twists and stories within stories. It’s touted as an original screenplay but it seems that is a contentious point, according to Wikipedia. Talk about irony, but you have to see the film to understand that!


  1. Films I’d like to read as books? “Dark City”, which was very New Wave Noir in tone. It felt like a Phillip Dick Novel. “Matinee” which was a great coming of age during the Cuban Missile Crises film–I can see expanding that to cover the whole summer. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”–I’d love to know the backstory of Columbia and Eddy, for example.


  2. I remember when I was a kid, I’d hunt down the novelizations of movies like ‘The Mask’, ‘Ghostbusters. . . 2’, and ‘Blade’. I’d love to see a Ranger’s Apprentice movie because it’s very character driven, but that’s not the question.

    Movies into Books- ‘Predator’ and ‘Silverado’. Oddly enough, most of the movies I’m thinking of came from a short story or novel.

    Favorite books into movies- ‘Sin City’, ‘Lord of the Rings’, and ‘Muppets Treasure Island’.


  3. Kubrick’s “The Shining” and Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown.” Although, Jackie Brown was heavily influenced and not fully adapted by a book by Elmore Leonard called “Rum Punch.” Also, Frank Miller’s Sin City directed by Robert Rodriguez and Watchmen directed by Zach Snyder, graphic novel written by Alan Moore.


  4. I thought “On the Beach” book by by Neville Shute and starring Ava Gardner and Gregory Peck was a superb movie adaptation of the book. To kill a Mockingbird, The great Gatsby…gee I could go on and on. Welcome back.


  5. I loved Gone with the Wind as both book and movie. I would have liked to have seen Scarlett as movie by Alexandria Ripley even though many said her book did not do Margaret Mitchell justice, (who could?). Movies to books: The Man Who Would be King (I don’t think that was a book first…It might have been a short story.) I would have also liked to have seen my own imagination in Avatar…although I loved the movie graphics.


  6. “I want to see that film made into a book?”

    I’ve definitely thought this, but I couldn’t possibly remember what movies they were. 😉


      • It’s been here and there and everywhere. I finished writing a 30,000 word novella a couple of weeks ago and have some beta readers taking a look at it. The initial feedback, unfortunately, is that I should write more on the story. So, I’m thinking of writing two more 30,000 word novellas and turning it into a series that could be marketed as YA fiction. But, that will take time and I just don’t know if I want to contribute that kind of time to those characters and their story. So, I’ve been taking a few days off from writing while I ponder my next move. That secret project still lurks there as well. I should spend some time on that.


  7. What a thought provoking post. Lonesome Dove comes to mind first because I love both (book and movie) and because the movie version is interesting (and unique in this respect I believe) in that it follows the book nearly page for page, scene for scene and word for word. Which would explain my strong affection for both.

    Film to book is a much, much harder question in that it goes against the grain in so many ways and I got…nothing. But it will stick in my brain now until I come up with something, taking up precious band width…So thanks, I think.

    Hope your kids do will with their tests.



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