Monster Maker Fun!

Help Charles come up with words for new creations. So much fun!

Legends of Windemere

Long ago, there was a game that a few people played with me.  I was the creative fantasy author, so these people thought it would be fun to give me nonsense words.  My job was to create a monster, location, or something from that word.  It had to be on the spot and was a great flexing of my imagination.  Most things became monsters because that seemed easier and many of the words were nouns.  It was a lot of fun and helped me hone my skills.  It also kept me occupied when I was bored.

So, I’m thinking of having fun with this again, but I need help.  Please feel free to throw a few strange words into the comments.  A week from this Monday, I’ll start posting ‘Monsters of WordPress’ or something funny like that.  An entire week of using the words as monsters, magic items, or whatever…

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