Monsters, Magic Items, and Thingies from Ionia and John

So much fun. You guys really should give the man a word.

Legends of Windemere

Thanks to everyone for playing along with the ‘Monster Maker Fun’.  This is going to be going all week, so let’s kick it off.  First set of nonsense words are from Ionia Martin:


This is a tiny creature found in the fallen forest of Surdu.  The fur coloration helps them blend into the collapsed trees that it calls home. It’s kind of like a rabbit in that it hops around on powerful legs and directs its movements with a sail-like tail.  The ears that are longer than the Mastaxe’s body twist around each other and their edged ends form a pickaxe.  This is what it uses to burrow straight into the ground by leaping eight feet into the air and coming down with surprising force.  In fact, a Mastaxe is capable of breaking stone if they need to.


This is what armor is called when it is…

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