the Pen Name Game

Been a long time, but here’s a game from the Ionia Martin/Charles Yallowitz team. Maybe this is the start of us returning to a few comical sketches or interviews. Seems ‘Life’ got in the way. Seriously, we were playing the board game called ‘Life’ and it got totally out of hand. We’ve called off the ninja squirrels and capybara cavalry, but peace talks are still ongoing. Having trouble with the Cupcake Clause. Anyway, on to the real fun.

Many authors use pen names for various reasons. Some dislike their birth name or feel it’s too complicated to put on a book cover. Others wish to hide their true identity because of any number of reasons. For example, a writer of erotica might want to keep their writing career hidden from family or a full-time employer. Either way, there’s a big tradition in pen names, so Charles and I came up with a game.

Give us a pen name in one, some, or all of the following categories:


This will be on both our blogs today and we’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Let’s have some fun.


21 thoughts on “the Pen Name Game

  1. Romance- Cindy Snookums
    Erotica- Bess T. Leia
    Poetry- Isis Smith
    Fantasy/Science-Fiction- Princess Angelica Barnaby Karen Zeldiva Montgomery the Fifth
    Horror- Meat Cleaver
    Mystery/Thriller- *Name Redacted*
    Cookbooks- *Coupon for Take Out in Back*


  2. Romance – Biff Lovejoy
    Erotica – Wellington Hung
    Poetry – Rhymepelstiltskin
    Fantasy/Science-Fiction – Mr. John Roboto
    Horror – Fang Bloodso
    Mystery/Thriller – John Carpenter Columbo
    Cookbooks – Jacques Souffle


  3. Romance Caitlyn Sparks
    Erotica Candide
    Poetry Will O’the Wisp
    Fantasy/Science-Fiction J. T. Kirk
    Horror L. Blair
    Mystery/Thriller Dee Tective
    Cookbooks Catherine O’Cook


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