Thought of the day: When the light goes out

So, yeah. This is a writing/book review blog, but occasionally I feel the need to do something else, so here is my thought of the day.


I was sitting on my back deck earlier this evening stressing over work and the next chapter of my book when I glanced up and saw my elderly neighbour doing her nightly routine. She takes the dog out, then shuts the blinds and finally turns off the porch light next to the door. I know what you’re thinking, uhm…so what? Hear me out for a moment.

When the final light went out, it was bittersweet. Ah, the mind of a writer…always drawing comparisons and conclusions where there are none. Really though, this started me thinking about “the light going out.”

When was the last time you took a moment for yourself? When did you really enjoy the taste and smell of a morning cup of coffee, or revel in a hug from a loved one? Do you remember?

We spend a lot of time stressing about work and commitments and life in general. There are only limited hours in the day, so just take a moment today and enjoy something. Just a quick moment where there are no phones or worries or computers. Just a minute to appreciate someone or something around you.

Every day we pull the blinds and turn out the lights, but we never know when that final light will go out.


Be a good human.


26 thoughts on “Thought of the day: When the light goes out

  1. That was kinda what I said on my post tonight. Or maybe it was what was on my original post that I inadvertently deleted before posting. But I have been reflecting lately. Too much reflecting I fear.


  2. Amazing what a precious moment can do. Though I shouldn’t talk since I’m infamous for worrying and going full-tilt until I pass out. I wonder if everyone has a point in their lives where they feel (or are made to feel) like they can’t let their guard down. I know so many people who are stressed out and the first thing they talk about is something they’re worried about.


  3. Great post Ionia. This is something I try to do at least once a day. I am trying to slow down and enjoy what life brings to me instead of constantly chasing after it. It’s hard to do, but it is possible.


  4. It’s really true. Reminds me a little of Earth Day, and having days for things in general. THe “holiday” may be over, but why do we need the holiday. Every day should be a time to enjoy, and it’s so easy to forget. And of course, the question of “why aren’t you doing something?” Great post.


  5. Timely words, Ionia. My time-out today was taking my grand-children to the art museum where we were instructed how to make cranes, dogs, flowers in origami–totally right-brained, a place I seldom live.


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