“Baboon Fart Story” Screen Captures

If you hadn’t seen everything yet, you will have now. Thank you to Kay Camden for saving this bit of good humour for the rest of us. This is too funny.

Kay Camden

If you missed Baboon Fart Story’s short run of publication on Amazon, here’s a few screen captures frozen in time. I still had it open when someone took it down this morning, so I made these crude images. If I have time I’ll make a PDF or something later. Too busy now.

The background of this is here: “Baboon Fart Story” Is Now An Actual Thing

And again, thanks Chuck Wendig, and Phronk, for the laugh.






—EDIT: 11:14 PM—

When I hastily posted these pics this morning I expected to be sharing my little space here with a few people from Chuck Wendig’s blog. I didn’t realize I’d have to elbow my way through a rowdy horde. You people are kind of creeping me out. But hey, while you’re here…

Phronk, author of Baboon Fart Story, has sent me more reviews he managed to capture before someone at…

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30 thoughts on ““Baboon Fart Story” Screen Captures

  1. It’s so true. I was there that day. Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at first. On the one hand, I nearly peed my pants it was so funny. On the other, I wondered, what does this say about my hard work up on Amazon? Mixed feelings, but a really good laugh. You are braver than I to post this. Thanks for sharing though. It seriously does make me laugh…and sometimes we just need to laugh!


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