Mega Shark Vs. Mecha Shark

See, once in a while I do other stuff besides read. I’m so sorry, you guys 🙂

Plan B flick


A mega Shark is threatening uhm…pretty much all of humanity and the government builds a super-mechanical shark to take it on. What more could you possibly want?

Starring: Christopher Judge, Elisabeth Rohm, Matt Lagan

Directed by: Emile Edwin Smith

Writers: Screenplay-H. Perry Horton and story by Jose Prendes



My review:

This movie gets 3.5 shark teeth for being not only cheesy, but for making megalodon look like an enhanced version of a dollar store kid’s inflatable.

What I loved:

First of all, what’s cooler than a shark on a rampage? A really big shark on a rampage! The movie begins with the shark showing up in the first couple of reels, so you can’t go wrong there. This wasn’t a case of having to wait until some time later to see the creature the movie is focused on.

The acting was better than in some of the other movies…

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