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Legends of Windemere

The Hopeteller (Cover by Tracy Carrig) The Hopeteller (Cover by Tracy Carrig)


Book Blurb:

Humanity has been driven into the wilderness by the ‘Invaders’. They have been forced to live as colonies in the wilderness where survival is a daily struggle. Hope becomes harder and harder to hold onto as the years pass.

Then one day, a young man tells a story to an injured friend and the Hopeteller is born. Unsure of the power of his words, he finds himself moving the colony with his fairy tales. He will see his people through death and fear as they continue to fight for survival.

Enjoy this novella that is half post-apocalyptic journal and half fairy tales.

Perfect for a quick & entertaining read!

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The Chronicle of Secret Riven by Ronlyn Domingue

The Chronicle of Secret Riven (Keeper of Tales Trilogy, #2)The Chronicle of Secret Riven by Ronlyn Domingue

An uncanny child born to brilliant parents, befriended by a prince, mentored by a wise woman, pursued by a powerful man, Secret Riven has no idea what destiny will demand of her or the courage she must have to confront it in the breathtakingly epic, genre-spanning sequel to The Mapmaker’s War.

One thousand years after a great conflict known as The Mapmaker’s War, a daughter is born to an ambitious historian and a gifted translator. Secret Riven doesn’t speak until her seventh year but can mysteriously communicate with plants and animals. Unsettled by visions and dreams since childhood, she tries to hide her strangeness, especially from her mercurial father and cold mother. Yet gentle, watchful Secret finds acceptance from Prince Nikolas, her best friend, and Old Woman, who lives in the distant woods.

When Secret is twelve, her mother receives an arcane manuscript to translate from an anonymous owner. Zavet suffers from nightmares and withdraws into herself. Secret sickens with a fever and awakens able to speak an ancient language, one her mother knows as well. Suddenly, Zavet dies. The manuscript is missing, but a cipher has been left for Secret to find.

Years later, Secret becomes a translator’s apprentice for Fewmany, an influential magnate, who has taken an interest in her for reasons she cannot discern. Before Secret learns why, Old Woman confronts Secret with the truth of her destiny—a choice she must make that is tied to an ancient past.

Overflowing with spellbinding storytelling, vivid characters, and set in a fascinating world, The Chronicle of Secret Riven explores the tension between love and hate, trust and betrayal, fate and free will.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Ever have such high expectations for a book that you are actually a little afraid to start reading it? That was me with this novel. Good news though, this book not only met those expectations, but far exceeded them.

It is not too often that I find a main character that I not only love, but feel so much kinship with that I feel like I am connected to them in some way. Secret is that character. When you get to know her, you can’t help but love her. Perhaps it is her gentle nature in the beginning, or the way she grows into a strong woman capable of protecting all she holds dear without losing that gentle nature,either way, she is unforgettable.

This story is interesting right from the beginning and pulls the reader into a world where just about anything is possible. I love that Ronlyn Domingue did not begin this book with huge magical elements and (gulp) dragons, wizards and the expected fantasy brood, but rather with characters who could have been any of us, allowing the fantasy elements to happen naturally and at their own pace.

This book was a lot of fun from the beginning to the end, and I am thrilled that I had the chance to read it. If you love adventurous stories with wonderful fantasy elements, this is a book you cannot miss.

This review is based on a complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.

Dream Boy by Madelyn Rosenberg and Mary Crockett

Dream BoyDream Boy by Madelyn Rosenberg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I must say, rarely does a cover influence my decision on whether or not to read a book, but in this case, I just couldn’t pass this one up. What a beautiful design!

If I had to give a one word description of this book, I would say “unique,” would be the perfect word. As reading is my favourite pastime and I do so much of it, I can clearly say that I have never read a book with the same plot or concept as this novel.

I liked the way the authors of this book told a story within a story. The main character rules the novel, but the secondary characters each play an important role and have struggles of their own to overcome. At no point in this story did I ever get bored or wish it would hurry along faster.

The character development was good, particularly between the main character and Will. There was tension between them that kept me hoping things would go a specific way, but it wasn’t predictable.

The writing is strong and the sense of place and environment was ever-present. If you enjoy reading atmospheric novels, this is one you might consider choosing.

I’m not sure there is an exact age group I would recommend this book for. The setting is partially in school, but even as an adult I enjoyed this. There isn’t really any reason why a young adult shouldn’t read this book, nor any reason why an adult should pass it up.

Overall, I thought this was pretty fantastic. I recommend it.

This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher, Sourcebooks, and Netgalley. All opinions are my own.

Goosebumps: Most Wanted Special Edition # 1 Zombie Halloween

Zombie Halloween (Goosebumps Most Wanted Special Edition, #1)Zombie Halloween by R.L. Stine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s been a while since I visited the land of Goosebumps, and I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t get the same feeling of delight and terror that I used to when reading these books, but as it happened, I loved it and it reminded me of why I adore R.L. Stine, and the Goosebumps books in general.

This story is a bit different than the usual fare, divided into three sections and different time periods. I liked the way this story went from one event many years ago to the present and yet kept the stories tied together in an easily understandable way.

As with previous titles from this author, the material is age appropriate and there is a strong sense of humour presented throughout the writing. I had a lot of fun with this, and I am positive that younger audiences will enjoy it. There are the expected chills and thrills and the story never slacked off or got boring.

The characters are fun and have a lot of personality. I liked the way the main character in the first section was closely tied to the main character in the second section. This book is not too long and not too short and will provide an older child with lots of reasons to want to continue reading this series.

I’m looking forward to the next book.

This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher, Scholastic and Netgalley. All opinions are my own.

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Dial L at Hear Now Festival

HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction
& Arts Festival has announced its
event schedule for June 19-22,
2014, in Kansas, MO.

“Dial L for Latch-Key”, a half-hour
radio play written and directed by
Scott Fivelson, and very amusingly
performed by the By The Time I Get
To Tucson Players, has been
selected as the opening audio
selection of the Festival. Follow
this link for details:–performance-events.html

And if you don’t happen to be in
Kansas, MO, on June 20th, enjoy “Dial L for Latch-Key” in its
audiobook, paperback, or eBook
editions, all available at

“Dial L for Latch-Key”, a satire
of the films of Alfred Hitchcock, has been produced onstage in London and San Francisco. It is published
by Hen House Press.

Dire Wolf: A Novel by Eric Jubb

Dire Wolf: a NovelDire Wolf: a Novel by Eric Jubb

A gripping tale of hunting a wolf pack that has returned to their genetic origins, the Dire Wolf due to a misstep in breeding attack dogs. The reader feels the horror and suspense of the hunt. The tragedy of defeat and the exhilaration of success as the reader follow’s John Johnston through the wilds of Montana in pursuit of the wolf pack.
John Johnston, a Staff Sargent medic attached to a Special Forces “A” team. During a firefight in Afghanistan he is grievously wounded saving the life of his platoon leader. After a long recovery at Brooks Army medical center John is medically discharged and returns home to Montana. John’s brother Toby looses his dog during a camping trip with the Boy Scouts to a wolf pack. John begins to hunt the wolves only to find that he needs to get additional information about the wolves from an expert, a professor at the University of Montana. During the winter the wolves develop a liking for cattle and begin terrorizing the flathead, mission and swan river valleys. The Forest Service begins to hunt the wolves only to be thwarted by the extremes of the winter weather. The State of Montana hires a professional hunter to exterminate the wolves, but gets killed in the pursuit. A relationship develops between John and Beth, the University professor. They jointly begin to follow the wolves and document their findings. They discover that the wolves are poisonous with saliva that has hallucinogenic properties. After John and Beth’s marriage, Beth looses a hand during a camping trip to a wolf. While Beth is in the hospital, John teams with his old First Sargent and hunts the wolves across the Great Bear wilderness area.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book has an excellent premise and takes a lot of unexpected turns, so for those of you who enjoy a thrilling ride, this would be a good book to satisfy the desire for excitement.

There were quite a lot of things to like about this novel. First of all, the author took a subject that has a lot of depth (soldiers returning from war and trying to readjust to civilian life,) and added some interesting and frightening twists, making this book deeper and more thought provoking than most of the creature thrillers out there.

The setting was rich with details and the characters were well balanced and interesting. I enjoyed the way the author began the book in the past and then related the incidents that occurred then with the present.

I did find that sometimes this book was a little difficult to follow based on the writing style of the author. The sentence structure was awkward in some places, although that wasn’t a major hindrance to my ability to read and enjoy the story.

Overall I thought this was a good book and certainly entertaining. I would recommend it to those who enjoy action based thrillers.

This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher and provided through Netgalley.

Pearl Harbor: The Verdict of History by Gordon W. Prange

Pearl Harbor: The Verdict of History by Gordon W. Prange

Answers decades in the making about the shocking surprise attack on Pearl Harbor

In the predawn hours of December 7, 1941, a Japanese carrier group sailed toward Hawaii. A few minutes before 8:00 a.m., they received the order to rain death on the American base at Pearl Harbor, sinking dozens of ships, destroying hundreds of airplanes, and taking the lives of over two thousand servicemen. The carnage lasted only two hours, but more than seventy years later, terrible questions remain unanswered.How did the Japanese slip past the American radar? Why were the Hawaiian defense forces so woefully underprepared? What, if anything, did American intelligence know before the first Japanese pilot shouted “Tora! Tora! Tora!”? In this incomparable volume, Pearl Harbor experts Gordon W. Prange, Donald M. Goldstein, and Katherine V. Dillon tackle dozens of thorny issues in an attempt to determine who was at fault for one of the most shocking military disasters in history.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading “At Dawn We Slept,” I had very high expectations for this book. I am pleased to say that those expectations were not only met, but that Gordon Prange exceeded them in this work.

Whilst many Pearl Harbor books have recounted the story of the events for the first few chapters, Gordon Prange did not do his reader’s the disservice of recounting the same information from his earlier works in this book. He begins in a place of knowledge, offering up evidence to support the conclusions he draws about the way American’s thought about the war, our chances of attack and ultimately the reactions to the attacks and continues from there.

This book delves into the deeper political aspects of the Pearl Harbor attacks and gives a multiple perspective account of the events that both preceded and followed the ill-fated day of infamy.

What I enjoyed about this book, as with the previous titles by this author, is that he doesn’t bore the reader with unnecessary facts. Instead, he uses his massive knowledge of the subject to form a complete picture, and yet, still allows the reader to draw their own conclusions based on the information he has provided.

For any history buff, or WWII hobbyist, this is a book that you will definitely want to add to your collection.

This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher, and provided by Netgalley.

Voodoo Ridge by David Freed

Voodoo Ridge (A Cordell Logan Mystery, #3)Voodoo Ridge by David Freed

It’s 1956. A plane bearing a mysterious cargo takes off from a small airport outside Los Angeles and disappears into a raging storm. Nearly 60 years later, while flying over California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, retired military assassin-turned-civilian flight instructor and would-be Buddhist Cordell Logan catches a glint of sunlight on metal and spots what appears to be aircraft wreckage. His life will never be the same.

Logan and his beautiful ex-wife, Savannah, plan a reconciliation in posh Lake Tahoe. But upon landing in the Ruptured Duck, his beloved aging Cessna, Logan agrees to put those plans on hold when he’s asked to help guide a search and rescue team to the remote, mountainous crash site. The team finds not only a long-missing airplane, with the mummified remains of its pilot still at the controls, but something much more recent and far more sinister: the body of a young man, shot to death only hours earlier. Someone has beaten the rescuers to the site and will clearly stop at nothing to profit from what the plane was carrying – including kidnapping and threatening to kill Savannah if Logan refuses to help them carry out their getaway plans. With the clock ticking and the love of his life in peril, Logan is drawn into a vexing vortex as personal and potentially deadly as any he’s ever known.

Voodoo Ridge is a fast-paced adrenaline-fueled thrill ride filled with the kind of unexpected twists, full-throttle action and wry humor that won Freed’s Flat Spin and Fangs Out, the first two installments in the Cordell Logan mystery series, rave reviews and a legion of loyal fans.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really loved this book. I don’t say that too often when it comes to murder mysteries, but in this case I have to. Ever read a book and instantly pick up on the tone of the author through the main character? That happened to me with this novel.

I loved the almost-Buddhist lead character. His revelations about Buddha’s teachings and how he related them to his own inability to exactly follow them made him a slightly damaged, quirky and very human main character that was easy to identify with.

David Freed has a way of blending suspense and humour in just the right amounts, bringing you to the edge of your seat and then making you laugh until you nearly fall off it. His characters were all individuals and did not have that cookie cutter feel that so many seem to.

Along with moments of humour and intense mystery, David Freed made me care enough about the characters in this book to be genuinely saddened when something happened to them.

I loved his Lake Tahoe setting. It was interesting to see places that I visit frequently so well described. The atmosphere and tension in this novel made me keep turning pages, even long into the night.

If you are looking for a great mystery that will hold your attention, this is one I definitely recommend.

This review is based on a complimentary copy from Netgalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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No Man’s Land (For all the Zombie Lovers)

Book #5 in IDW’s shambling series of original Zombies vs Robots prose collections. Fully illustrated by the fantabulous Fabio Listrani, this new anthology features fresh tales of rotting flesh and rusting metal, undead unrest and mechanical mayhem. Once again IDW expands the apocalyptic hellscape of its unique signature franchise. A world where brain-eaters roam and warbots rule is truly a No Man’s Land.
No Man's LandNo Man’s Land by Jeff Conner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you are on the edge of the zombie apocalypse craze and you want an interesting read to get you into the genre, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.

I have never been one for horror/zombie/stuff…but this book actually surprised me. The humour throughout made it a lot of fun to read and the author has a strong voice that permeates his writing and gives his characters personality.

This book has everything you could want in a zombie book. There is terror, running, screaming, unusual and creative zombie (and human) killing and the overall sense that nothing worse could happen, until it does.

I really liked the unpredictability factor of this book. After the first chapter I had no idea what was going to happen. This was a fun and easy read.

Read it, and enjoy the fact that life could be worse for all of us 🙂

This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher and provided through Netgalley. All opinions are my own.

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