Dial L at Hear Now Festival

HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction
& Arts Festival has announced its
event schedule for June 19-22,
2014, in Kansas, MO.

“Dial L for Latch-Key”, a half-hour
radio play written and directed by
Scott Fivelson, and very amusingly
performed by the By The Time I Get
To Tucson Players, has been
selected as the opening audio
selection of the Festival. Follow
this link for details:


And if you don’t happen to be in
Kansas, MO, on June 20th, enjoy “Dial L for Latch-Key” in its
audiobook, paperback, or eBook
editions, all available at Amazon.com:


“Dial L for Latch-Key”, a satire
of the films of Alfred Hitchcock, has been produced onstage in London and San Francisco. It is published
by Hen House Press.


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