American Past Time by Len Joy – Blog Tour part 1

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Today, as part of the blog tour for Len Joy’s, ‘American Past Time’, I am going to be making three posts. The first will be this one, obviously, and will introduce the book and the author. The second post will be my review of American Past Time, and the final post will be a question and answer session with the author.

The Book

American Past Time

Hark! New Era Publishing

Book Blurb

September 1953. Dancer Stonemason is three days away from his major league debut with the St. Louis Cardinals. With his wife and son cheering him on, he pitches the greatest game of his life. And then he loses everything.

Told against the backdrop of America’s postwar challenges from Little Rock to the Bay of Pigs to Viet Nam, “American Past Time” is the story of what happens to a man and his family after the cheering stops.

The book can be…

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