Dialogue, Scene Setting & Building Tension: A Study – Pt1 (& Mah Plans 16/06)

I love her thoughts on the Matrix

Writing: A Conversation Without Interruptions

I watched The Matrix trilogy over the weekend. I don’t know why… it just ended up in my head and I felt the need to watch it all the way through.

What a mistake. -_- Screen dump of FB status update Yes… I was upset

The Matrix was first released in 1999. The next two films came a short while after. I remember watching The Matrix, being so excited about it. It took me three tries to even reach the point where Morpheus gives Neo the choice of the blue or red pill, because various things stopped me being able to watch the VHS (yes, it was a VHS then). When I watched it all the way through I loved it to bits.
I remember talking to class mates in school, being jealous of those kids who had ‘The Matrix Phone’ and being hacked off with my boring Nokia 3330 which didn’t have a cool sliding…

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