The Scrolls of Sion: Rise of the Dark Queen by TJ Therien

The Scrolls of Sion: Rise of the Dark QueenThe Scrolls of Sion: Rise of the Dark Queen by T J Therien

For five thousand years after the Great War, the world of Brynmor knew peace. The Orc had been driven from the land and the uprising of the Dark Elf ended in the near extinction of their Race. What survived of the Drow fled the crypt city of Sion and for five thousand years they dwelled in secret and shadow restoring their numbers deep in the Iron Hills. Not since Lolth had there been a Drow more ambitious than Rianon, High Priestess of the Cult of the Spider and Queen of the Dark Elf. Follow Rianon as she plots and schemes to reclaim Sion, the fallen city of the Dark Elf and the lost scrolls of Lolth that contain the ancient and forgotten dark spells of the God-Queen.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Scrolls of Sion: Rise of the Dark Queen is a deeply thoughtful and carefully crafted novel. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting when I began this novel. I knew the author wrote poetry, so I wasn’t positive that a novel from him would work. I was pleasantly surprised by his ability to write a longer work that was neither disjointed nor overly poetic.

This author has a way with words. You can sometimes read a novel that has a lot of extra words in it and feel like you keep losing your place as you go along, but that doesn’t happen in this book. There were a few places where I thought there may have been a bit of over explaining on the part of the author (you have to trust that your readers will be able to work things out and make connections on their own,) but I honestly felt as I read this book that each sentence had been selected with care. There are no pointless roads that lead off into dead ends.

Here’s what I liked about this novel: The characters are vibrant and the author is descriptive of both them and the world that surrounds them. You can see the characters in your mind’s eye without struggling to keep track of who is who. I did have a few issues with some of the names being difficult to pronounce. There are a couple that stopped me in my tracks when I came to them. Still, they do not sound similar, so once you figure them out you can distinguish between who is who.

The creatures are not simple repeats of other books. The author put thought into what kind of beings he would use and each of them serve a purpose for the advancement of the story. There is a lot of originality in this work.

The other thing I really liked about this story was the complicated lives and events that all interweave with one another. This seems like a story that could really go places, and I believe this could be a very strong series. The characters are well fleshed out, the plot has a solid foundation and there is plenty of reason to want another book after this one.

Overall, I thought this was intelligently written and will please those who love fantasy. I recommend you give it a try and see what you think.


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