Poe must die (A Throwback Thursday Tribute)

So, I have been seeing all of your “throwback Thursday” Posts everywhere and decided I had to jump ship with you. (No worries, I took leave of my senses long before today.) So I thought I’d join the fun with books. I have quite a few on my list that came from way back when that I haven’t read yet. Such fun!


Poe Must DiePoe Must Die by Marc Olden

A satanist threatens the planet, and only Poe has the imagination to stop him.

It is said that beneath Solomon’s glorious throne, books were buried that gave the fabled king control over life, death, and demonic power. The throne has been lost for millennia, but now one man seeks to find it, and harness its secrets to unleash hell upon the world. Jonathan is the most powerful psychic on earth, and in service of his god Lucifer he will tear civilization apart. To combat his dark designs, mankind’s hopes rest on a half-mad alcoholic named Edgar Allan Poe.

In the shadows of New York City, Poe drowns his talent in rotgut gin, trying to forget the death of his beloved wife. A bare-knuckle fighter named Pierce James Figg arrives with a letter of introduction from Charles Dickens, to beg Poe’s help chasing down the power-mad devil worshiper. Writer and fighter will stand together, to save humanity from a darkness beyond even Poe’s tortured imagination.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well….hmmm. I’m not sure what to say. I tend to love these novels that use gone-for-years literary characters, but this one you really, really…and boy, do I mean really, have to stretch the imagination to be able to digest. It was something else.

I’m not certain how much Poe enthusiasts will appreciate the way this book is approached, although I do have to admit that some of the dialogue was absolutely hilarious.

This author definitely liked description, down to the most mundane of events. Honestly, if you were to cut out half of this book, it would still make sense. It was an interesting journey into the unknown.

Marc Olden was meticulous with his handling of research on his characters and a lot of the little-know facts about Dickens and Poe came to light in this story. Still, the mad satanist aspect of the story was quite over the top and at times made me laugh, even when I wasn’t supposed to.

If you are looking for a book that is definitely based on very diluted reality but none-the-less entertaining, this would be a good one to choose.

Overall, it was fun and entertaining, and that’s often enough in a book.

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