Final ROW80 Check-In

Kate is looking for reviewers:) Also, her book cover looks incredible so take a moment to check it out.

disregard the prologue

Whew. We made it!

“We” being those participating in round 2 of A Round of Words in 80 Days, and also those of you who have been patiently listening to my ramblings all these many long weeks.

How have I done for goals?

Well, there’s a book in the world that wasn’t there before. So I guess we’ll call that a victory.


All of the e-book sales channels I’m currently using are live (click here for links). The paperback is on, and should be available for Matchbook and on other Amazon sites in a few days.

Looks like I hit almost all of the small goals, too.

  • Facebook author page is up and running (and check out the t-shirt an ARC reader made for me– Team Arrow. I COULD JUST DIE)
  • Sparrowcat Press site is a work in progress, but is up and has sales links

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