Writing exercise

We all need a little help once in a while getting our brains moving in the “write” direction. So please stay tuned for a series of simple writing exercises you can use to get your mind going, or as a primer for your daily work on your WIP. Feel free to come back and drop a line to let me know what you came up with:)


Write 9 random alphabet letters in your journal or onscreen. Then use those letters, in the random order you wrote them, to build a sentence, the first letter of each word matching the letters you chose.


Here is an example:


G  Y  T  R B W P A  F

Gifford Young tried really bad wing-sauce, putrid, awful food.


Have fun with it and remember that to write well, you must be willing to write poorly first.




15 thoughts on “Writing exercise

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  2. I’m never out of things to write, yet I’m always looking for new and interesting writing prompts, and I really like this one! Thanks for sharing! And, just a quick one while I’m here. Let’s see…

    M Y I M T O R P K

    My yaya is mostly terrible, or really pretty killer.

    (Now I’m thinking of murderous Greek grandmothers)


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