Be a dear support a fantasy author

There once was an author

from and island so long

I made his acquaintance

and he sang me a song


“For I am but a poor fantasy scribe

give me a chance and I’ll write you a line

Dragons and wizards and paladins too

Just stay here a moment, I’ll entertain you.”


So I sat for  while and listened to his words

fabulous yarns such as I’d never heard

just one problem at the end of his tale

I was a pauper, so he did not make a sale


I looked him over and said with a frown

I might not be rich but I can spread word about town

then the sky opened up,

with a big THUNDERCLAP

I looked above me and I said:

“Well, crap.”


Still, I knew I would not be deterred

these were the best stories I’d ever heard

So I went past the houses and barns and small fort

and I asked everyone–to click here for support


* Show support to one of our locals and help him reach his goal. It’s free, I promise. All you have to do is click.





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