Revelation! From the Treetops

A revelation indeed! Be careful in those trees, Jules.

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The ‘double top secret’ project from my post of a few days ago, ‘Holy Crap!’, is now completed and can be revealed. So without further ado, except for the obligatory drum roll, here it is.

A Poetic ProposalIt is available here:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

I have been working on a small collection of poems, a humble effort that I have now published on amazon. Most of you that have been following this blog for a while will not be surprised to know that the entire collection is dedicated to the love of my life, Ionia, the inspiration in all I do. This includes a personal message for her, and this book is my version of shouting my love for her from the treetops. The poems are all based on love and separation, as you could have no doubt guessed.

I would also like to have a blog tour (some…

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    1. But I am a man. Surely being a man and romantic is mutually exclusive. Or at least so I have been informed by a number of men on FaceBook in the past. A contravention of the guy code or something. Screw that crap. Romantic is good. I like to SHOUT my love for Ionia from the treetops, the highest mountains, anywhere I can be heard.

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