Kickstarter for “Pause of the Clock”

(Ionia is having computer problems, so I’m posting this on her behalf.  Her friend is finishing a movie that he has been working on for 20 years.  Please read the post, lend a hand, and spread the word.)

Shot in 1995-1996 on 16mm, “Pause of the Clock” is a feature-length film about friendship, secrets, and the power of stories.

About this project

My film is a living time capsule.

On November 1, 1994 I finished writing the first draft of a screenplay called “Pause of the Clock.” I was a 19-year-old film student at Columbia College in Chicago. I showed the screenplay to some faculty advisors and friends, then started fundraising and assembling a cast and crew. In January 1995, using 16mm film equipment from various colleges and rental houses, we started shooting the film in Colorado. Filming would continue in Chicago, in fits and starts, over the next year. Finally on May 19, 1996 we shot the last scene.

And then, basically, the film sat in my closet for the next 18 years. Paused.

Until now.

Pause of the Clock is a film about friendship, secrets, and the power of stories. Rob, a college student, gathers together a group of friends to make a film called “Crueler Than Truth.” Among them is his roommate Dylan. Unbeknownst to Rob, Dylan discovers his diary and begins reading it. The Rob he discovers in its pages is a much different person than the friend he thought he knew.