Everywhere the Road Ends by Scott McCloskey

Everywhere the Road Ends (The Traveler of Ord #2)Everywhere the Road Ends by Scott McCloskey

Bullied at prep-school and unappreciated at home, all young Theodore Ellsworth wanted was to be like the heroes in his favorite fantasy tales. Whisked away to the Gossamer City and chosen to embark on a quest to save a kingdom, he thought he’d have his chance.

He was wrong.

Left for dead in a place where malicious spirits feast on the living, Theo has only just begun to learn that glory comes at a price. With his new friends fighting for their lives, Theo is thrown off course and embroiled in a murder mystery that must be solved before he can save his little sister from a gruesome fate. A crackpot inventor and a pure-hearted young knight are on the job, but Theo already knows the killer. He sees the Beast of Calharik every night, when he looks down in terror at his own bloodied hands.

Set against a backdrop of steam-powered robots, tall ships, and a seaside populace at the mercy of the rich, Everywhere the Road Ends picks up the action right where The Goldenwealth Light left off. Get ready for another exotic trip to the World of Ord, complete with new faces, twice the nail-biting action, and hours of page turning adventure!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First of all–this is a beautiful cover. Caught my eye right away and made me want to read the book.

Secondly, one can count on Scott McCloskey to write books that will capture your attention and demand all of it until the very last page. This book reinforced that belief.

If you enjoy novels with quirky characters that you remember long after reading, this will be an epic fantasy series that you don’t want to miss out on. Just as in the first book, I was delighted by the big personalities and the unexpected events. This time around, the author expanded his cast of characters and the journey took the readers to new places. As with the previous book, the author’s descriptions are fantastic and make you feel as if you are right there, in the scene with the characters.

I really enjoyed the dialogue in this book. The author does a good job of ensuring that his character’s actions and speech match the personalities we have come to expect from them and I never felt like the conversations were forced. There is humour where it is called for and you can see the characters change and grow as they learn throughout the story.

I am really excited to see where the author goes after this. A great book, certainly worthy of a recommendation.

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      1. Out of curiosity, do you get any form of payment for reviewing? I see that your plate is pretty full with books to review, and thought, “This looks like a full time job!” You could read about a 2 books a day if you didn’t eat and sleep.

        Also, I like your blog name. Catchy.

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      2. I guess if you count books as payment, but if you ask any reviewer who has been doing this for a long time–that only goes so far…lol nope. No payment for it. I don’t actually review as much as it may appear. Most of the reviews are set to publish via a promo schedule arranged with the publisher or author, so it will be quiet for a few days or even weeks and then ten or twelve will post all within a few days of one another. Reviewers get paid in thanks. My day job is editing–not so many thanks there 🙂

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      3. Isn’t there a way to monetize by using an amazon affiliate account, or putting ads on the page? The reviewing is an enormous amount of work! And pleasure. You get leisure and enjoyment from reading people’s books, I know that. Beyond that, though… I’m envisioning a post: “One simple trick to make a boatload of cash at reviewing books.” Except I don’t know what that trick is, unless it’s putting up a scammy website with an ebook they can purchase on how to make a fortune at reviewing (which says, “make a website telling everyone you have a book that will help them make a fortune and sell them a book that says what this book says.”).

        If only we were allowed to be evil like that.

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      4. The issue really is just what kind of site you have. A standard blog like this one isn’t allowed to advertise. I’ve considered monetising before, but really i got into this because I like the authors (most of them. ) I wanted to do something to help. Not that I never have my moments of disdain with doing this.

        For the most part, it makes money in other ways. Without authors the editors wouldn’t have anyone to pick on. 🙂


      5. Little of this and that on the side and then paranormal mysteries, crime thrillers for the publisher I work for. Wait…I only have to work from 9 to 5? I demand restitution for the loss of my previous ten years!


      6. Aw, shoot. I didn’t mean to create problems. Never mind. Your 8 to 6 job? 7 to 7? What do you do in your job? (Remove the modifier, there, it’s fixed.)


      7. Supposedly I take books that are supposed to be filled with errors and make them less error filled. Today I’ve been staring at the ceiling fan a lot. I think I may have to read a Disney Princess magazine. Although I’ve got all boys so I’ve no bloody excuse for it.


      8. Think princessy problems. They tend to be very first world in their problems, though the message is usually a moral one: Princesses are kind, thoughtful, nice. And trite messages: They are pretty, magical, and lucky. It’s a magazine about the 1%!!! OMG!!!!111

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      9. She went off to university and became a vegan hippie. She can now not only nit eat the fish but she must cover up those seashells to not exploit the image of the modern woman (and to protect all species which may be harmed by toxic mercury poisoning.) Have you seen the book called “go the $!#/ to sleep?”


      10. Are we saying that Ariel has PTSD?

        Heard of GTFTS and its reputation is stellar among parents. Haven’t read it. I sometimes think those thoughts, though. Mo Willems did a nice job of that with “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay up Late.” The Pigeon is a thinly veiled anthropomorphized kid of mine, I suspect. “If you let me stay up late, I’ll give you a dollar.”


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