Wandering Among the Stars by Wirton Arvel

Wandering Among the StarsWandering Among the Stars by Wirton Arvel
The motivational biography of a poet, a tale written in prose with many poems and inspirational quotes.
‘Wandering among the stars’ tells the love story between the protagonist and life.

A story where poetry and prose are intertwined like soul and body, to bring this love story to life so the reader can live it.

So it’s not about a collection of poems, least of all a story in verse. Maybe it could be described as a book of ‘narrated poems’ or as a ‘literary musical’; actually it represents a narrative experiment that lies somewhere between a meta-novel, a collection of poems and an essay; its main aim is to encourage those readers that usually prefer to read only prose works to read poetry as well.

It includes chapters about love, the cosmos, death, spirituality and poetry itself.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Unlike Songs whose words depend on the melody of the music, poems must have their own internal music”

I love that quote and I love this book. If you are a poet, successful or struggling, or even just someone who appreciates the written word, you will find something to love or to inspire you in this book.

Above all else, even above the fantastic arrangement, excellent editing and interesting content–this book comes down to words. I know, I know, they all do, but some poets have a gift for choosing exactly the right word on the right occasion to send a tingling down the spine of the reader. Wirton Arvel is one of those poets.

This book is a mixture of free verse and prose, arranged in a way where one connects to the other to tell a story. The author’s journey as a writer is laid before us in a most unusual and pleasant way. Rather than using the boring formula of “first I picked up a pen,” as other authors have done, Wirton Arvel allows us to journey along through a combination of different themes and watch the progressive trek toward becoming a poet.

This is a beautiful book. It is startling, thoughtful and unique and in my opinion would be a treasure for anyone who loves poems. Highly recommended and (I don’t say this often) a book that I look forward to reading again.

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