Exciting news! Next book in Null City series coming soon

More reasons to be excited about the book world!

Barb Taub

The next book in the Null City series, Round Trip Fare, is coming soon from Hartwood Publishing.



by Barb Taub

Blurb: Carey Parker knows superpowers suck. From childhood she’s had two choices—master the powers of her warrior gift, or take the Metro train to Null City and a normal life. After one day there, imps become baristas, and hellhounds become poodles. Demons settle down, join the PTA, and worry about their taxes. There are just a couple of problems with either option. Her parents have been killed, her brother and sister targeted. The newest leader of the angels trying to destroy Null City might just be the one person she loves most in the world. And her sexy new partner’s gift lets him predict deaths. Hers.

Sneek PeekClick here for a sneak preview of ROUND TRIP FARE.

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