Perfect Betrayal by Season Vining Blog Tour

If you haven’t checked out this book yet, you will want to. Hot and steamy, fun and very well written. This is one that I really enjoyed! So excited to share it with you.


To the outside world, Taylor Hudson has it all: money, beauty and social status. But Taylor’s privileged life is far lonelier than it appears. Now it’s about to be rocked to its core when a gorgeous new employee shows up at her family’s mansion…but nothing about him is what it appears.

Levi’s always had to fight to survive. Now, as the inside man on a heist to steal fifteen million dollars from one of the town’s wealthiest families, he has the chance of a lifetime. But it puts him on a crash course the one thing he can’t have: Taylor, a woman who makes him want the impossible-to be a better man.
What started out as a wicked game of seduction is about to become so much more. But are they both willing to give up everything for the deepest connection they’ve ever known?

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Here are my thoughts on the book:

  Imagine, if you will, a modern day Romeo and Juliet, but with a level of heat that would have roasted Shakespeare alive–and then you will pretty much have ‘Perfect Betrayal.’

This book is interesting from the very start. The dynamic and tension between the two main characters is apparent before they even meet. How is that possible? Well, it is one of those books where the author does such a good job building her characters individually that even before they meet, you know it is going to be sexy and explosive when they do.

As predicted, the sparks between them fly early on and continue to increase into a raging inferno as the pages progress. There is a lot going on in this book–as the title indicates–betrayal plays a big role here. I was impressed by the ability of the author to keep the romance angle of the book fresh whilst still building an entertaining story of other events in the background.

At times, the female lead comes across as spoiled, bratty, bitchy and overall not the kind of character you can immediately love, but she also has a softer side, she can be vulnerable and she is the kind of character that you will learn to love as you go.

The male lead is somewhat the same way. He can be cocky, not always eloquent and fierce, but also has a similar vulnerability about him that makes you want to love him.

Overall, I liked this book. It was daring, incredibly bold at times and one that I think will keep almost anyone interested. If you like new adult books with just the right amount of tension and steam, this one will do nicely.

This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher and provided through Netgalley. All opinions are my own