A couple of quick reviews

My first review:)

Poetry by Pamela

A couple of really quick reviews:

The Secret Sense of Wildflower by Susan Gabriel was an easy read. It tells the story of Wildflower (Louisa May) and her sisters adjusting to life without their father. It begs for a sequel, which was indicated will be forthcoming. A light book, yet engaging. Four out of five stars

Thursday the Twelfth by Ionia Martin is a short story. It is a spoof for all of those “Friday the 13th” type movies and books. This book had me laughing out loud in several places. It was ridiculous, as are the movies it was spoofing. But I think one of the lines I laughed the hardest (no pun intended) was Master Bates. Really, this is the kind of humor you can expect from this story. I literally laughed out loud. Best 99 cents I have spent in weeks. Hilarious. Five out of five stars.

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