Everybody has a story…these are ours by Audrey N. Lewis

Everybody has a story... These are ours...Everybody has a story… These are ours… by Audrey N. Lewis

Family relationships. Friendships. Finding our Place. This collection is a series of narratives exploring events, experiences and memories. Each short work, while unique, brings the reader in touch with the inner monologue of the characters bringing their reality to life. Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son, Wife, and Husband – this book pulls together seven independent stories into a compelling, and thought-provoking anthology. While the focus is on the women – the men in these stories provide an interesting counterpoint. Readers meet: Lexi’s mom, as she struggles to understand her daughter; Abigail, now grown, remembering her nanny Chamele and the life lessons she shared; a sister trying to forge an adult relationship with a once-adored older sibling; a woman finding beauty in a place others have forgotten; another woman finding a true understanding of what holds meaning to her; Claire, the empty-nester and her “girls night out” group with an unusual twist, and Megan – lost but not forgotten. But don’t judge a book by its cover, in each story nothing is exactly as it seems.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Audrey Lewis is an amazingly versatile author. She has written a book of short stories that anyone can relate to, regardless of your family/relationship situation. I was enthralled with the first story in this book and knew right away that I would spend the remainder of my evening reading, reluctant to take a break.

This author has a way with words. She can find her way into your heart with her passionate writing and make you consider things from angles that you may not have done otherwise. You can tell that she cares about her craft, from the first pages of the evolving story, to the ending that leaves you feeling as if you know these people, in some cases, perhaps, that you have lived through these things yourself and can easily identify with them.

I love the way she uses dialogue to create her atmosphere. You can really feel the tension, the fear, heartbreak, happiness, everything through the way she writes. I am usually not much of a short story person, but these are too good to miss. The stories in this book match the title perfectly. These are “our” stories, because the author made sure that the audience would feel included.

I definitely recommend this book to those who are interested in family dynamics and relationships in general.

This review is based on a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.