A Legacy

My dad taught me to draw. In the beginning it was just doodles and random things. We would go out on nature walks and he would point out animal tracks and different patterns in the bark of trees, the shape of leaves and clouds in the sky that resembled animals. He taught me to create reflections by looking at water and watching the way it rippled outward as it was disturbed. He taught me to find beauty in the most barren of places and to appreciate the things we tend to overlook with an artist’s eye.

We would go home after these adventures and he would pull out a sketch book and show me how to transform the natural world into detailed pictures, and as I grew older, I took the things he taught me and made them my own. He was always telling me that there is no “wrong way” to express your creativity.

When I set out to create “The Beauty of Random Things”, it was with my father in mind. I hope that you will take a moment to thank the people in your life who have taught you things you wouldn’t have learned without them. Dedicate something to them, give them a moment of your time. These things you know, these special skills you possess are something you can leave with your children, a mark you can make upon the world, and are possible because someone cared enough to give you a part of themselves, and the most important commodity we have…time.

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23 thoughts on “A Legacy”

  1. Spectacular! Loved the story. I had cousins who did the same on my grandparent’s farm. My kids grew up that way. I miss them all so very much. I’m going to have to try more with my grandchildren. I fail to stop and observe the beauty of the city because it is still quite foreign to me, but I see it pointed out by others in their pics on FB.


  2. Gorgeous! I’ve recently taken to trying my hand at coloring and have found it relaxing. I never had the gift for art, although my father was an artist whose chosen medium was oil paints. This looks like a fabulous book, and I love the title, too. I found you through Susan Nicholls blog.

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