When you call me

When I call your name
you are there
even when it cannot be

When I call your name
I feel the connection
you are here with me

When I look at you
I see the future looking back
When I look at you
I see all I’ve ever had

When you look at me
a crimson stain blushes my face
An appropriate response
to one who possesses every grace

When I dream of you
I wake to find a smile
Whether you are here
or separated from me by miles

You are all I ever wanted
and all that I shall need
that single missing piece
a love untouched and unhurried

Call it fate or kismet,
call it the heart’s free will,
but I’ve loved you forever
and promise I always will.

Me, it was a singular
for then there was no one
and then I discovered
you are the only one


Two-Cornered Rooms by Paul F. Lenzi

Two-Cornered Rooms: A Collection of Poetry and Haiku with Selected Micro-FictionTwo-Cornered Rooms: A Collection of Poetry and Haiku with Selected Micro-Fiction by Paul F Lenzi

An inspired collection of contemplative poetry written over the last few years, whose stimulating themes run to subjects of philosophy, faith and spirituality. Also included is a provocative selection of small stories, written in the highly interesting modern form of micro-fiction prose.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Two-Cornered Rooms” by Paul F. Lenzi is a lovely and spiritually moving collection of poetry and Haiku, also featuring some 75 word micro fiction that was quite impressive.

This collection offers the reader a chance to stop and think, not just about the varied subject matter, but about the proper word choice to convey the author’s intent and meaning. This author is the type of poet that can make you feel what he felt whilst writing by his perfect usage of language. He did not favour repeat phrases as some poets do, and each poem was separate from the others, making this a wonderful journey for the reader.

There are poems that will make you reminisce and those that will make you laugh out loud. I enjoyed the way he arranged his work in this book. Some thoughtful poems followed one or two lighthearted observations and then a poem of faith and spirituality, and so forth. It was easy to read and enjoyable.

I also quite liked the micro-fiction. His ability to tell a complete story in so few words is a testament to how creative Mr. Lenzi is as an author. I’m looking forward to reading more of his work.

If you are a fan of poetry and like collections that will make you feel something, this is a book that you should not miss.

Voices of Nature Blog Tour

Stars Above (alouette)

Starry nights shine bright

Thousands of wee lights

Constellations light the sky

Darkness shows contrast

While clouds have gone past

Suspended in time up high

Pisces and Leo

Taurus and Virgo

Constellations light the sky


Libra, Pegasus

Worlds of tiny lights float by

©2014 Poetry by Pamela, all rights reserved.

This is just a sample of the poetry you will find in Voices of Nature. There are dozens more poems for you to savor.


You can buy it here for only $.99 for Kindle – it also available in paperback ($7.19) on Amazon.

Poetry gives voice to what the eyes see and the heart hears.

Inspiration exists all around us. Beauty can be found in the laughter of a child or the blooms of a tree. Poems are one person’s interpretation of the world seen through their eyes and felt in their heart. Poetry is soul food – plain and simple.

Voices of Nature is a collection of poems that reflect the inherent splendor of nature all around us. This book utilizes a variety of poetry forms to paint word pictures.

One review said “The sheer variety of styles in this poetry book is amazing. Haiku, triple haiku, acrostic, rondeau, and so many others. Even better is that they explain the poems in the back, which is a great service to the curious reader.

Each poem is clear and paints a perfect picture of nature. Though, I have an odd feeling that both poets were tired of winter since that had the most amount of poems out of the season sections. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I did love the ‘Thunder and Lightning’ acrostic for the imagery and ‘New Day’ for the complicated style and bringing an odd sense of serene closure to the book.

I would highly recommend this poetry book. Even if you’re not into poetry, the pieces for every season will probably have you going ‘I thought the same thing.’

Pamela previously released a collection of love poems titled Dreams of Love with several five star reviews. She has been writing for a short time, but pours her soul into her poetry.


Kirsten collaborated on a collection called Hope’s Flight.


This is a collection created by two poets – Pamela B and Kirsten A.

Both women enjoy exploring various topics and poetry forms. Many forms are represented in Voices of Nature (along with a short description of the forms for your convenience). Buy Voices of Nature for only $.99 today and experience the wonders all around us.

A discussion about poetry with Pamela

My good friend and fellow author Pamela Beckford has recently taken her first foray into the publishing world. Today we are going to sit down with her and talk a little bit about her experiences and the art of poetry itself. Please welcome her to Readful Things and take a moment to check out her sites:




You have been experimenting lately with different forms of poetry. Are there some that are easier to work with than others? What has been your favourite so far?

Thank you for noticing the different forms I’ve been working with. I really have enjoyed learning about them and how to make them work. I think that many times the shorter poems (tanka, doidotsu, cinquain, etc) are more difficult than a longer poem. With the shorter ones, the choice of words to make the biggest impact and convey just exactly the right feeling, can be very challenging. My favorite form is whichever one I’m working with at the moment. I haven’t found any that I really don’t enjoy.


You write with such emotional depth, and yet you haven’t been writing anything public for very long. Was it scary to share your talent with others?

I haven’t been writing anything privately for long either. I think that poetry is so personal and I feel like I am sharing my inner most self. It makes me very vulnerable. I still struggle with sharing some of them and feeling like I’m good enough. If it hadn’t been for a couple of individuals encouraging me, I might still be keeping most of them in my head. But I find poetry to be a great outlet.


What do you find inspires your poetry?

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m really a romantic at heart. I put up a tough guy facade, but deep down, I want to love and be loved. I have a couple of muses as well that keep me inspired.


Tell us a bit about your first collection of published poetry and how we can find it.

I put together a short collection of poetry called Dreams of Love. It is available on Amazon as a download and also in paperback. It is only $.99 for Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/Dreams-Love-Poetry-Collection-Pamela-ebook/dp/B00I9H9K3Y/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1394495040&sr=1-1&keywords=dreams+of+love+a+poetry+collection


Any plans for further books?

I’m glad you asked. I collaborated with Kirsten on a book of nature poems, Voices of Nature. I love her poetry and we work really well together. http://www.amazon.com/Voices-Nature-Pamela-Beckford-ebook/dp/B00JCRWVJU/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1396639061&sr=1-1&keywords=voices+of+nature


Any final thoughts/ ideas you would like to share?

First, I would like to thank you for spotlighting my poetry. Second, I would want everyone to know that all poetry is not alike. If you think Walt Whitman “Leaves of Grass” is what poetry is all about, you need to explore poetry a bit more. It comes from the depths of your soul and I hope that anyone who reads my poetry feels deeply.


Come, my love
Surrender to my touch
Waves of desire bring raptured delight
As tenderness yields gently to deepest longing
Ecstasy insists we never part
Laying with you’s pure joy


Thank you, Pamela, for agreeing to the interview and for being my guest author 🙂

Blog Tour: Dreams of Love by Pamela


Description: Poetry is an expression from deep within the soul. It can be therapeutic and healing. It can bring out all the best or the worst in life. Her poetry comes from the heart, not the head. It is an outpouring of emotion and she exposes it to reader in the pages.

Various poetry forms are explored: free verse, tanka (5-7-5-7-7), doidotsu (7-7-7-5) and etheree (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10).

Dreams of Love

Dreams of you and me
Together in ev’ry way
Your lips pressed to mine
Assuring me of your love
Dreams of love eternally

Purchase here!

pamelaPamela began writing poetry in just the last year. She is a nonprofit executive by day and spends her hours trying to be sure that everyone has a chance for a good life. Pamela is passionate about her job and it spills over into her writing. Dreams of Love is her debut poetry collection. Pamela feels that poetry can be very personal but invites you into her soul as you read her poems.


Visit the Author!

Poetry by Pamela
Year ‘Round Thanksgiving Project

What can you do with .99 cents?

You could go to McDonald’s for a cup of coffee that has been sitting for way too long.

You could stop by one of those turn the dial machines and get a rub on tattoo.

You could get a pack of gum.


* I recommend this option *

You could go and buy Pamela’s newly released book of poems:

41aaaE1RQvL   At one point last year, Pamela was still claiming that she was not a writer. We all knew better. Here is the proof. Pam’s poems are heartfelt, thoughtful and filled with emotion. Whether she is writing about love, weather, or any number of other things, her poems touch a deeper part of those who read them.

Show your support for her first foray into publishing and don’t forget to stop by her site and tell her what you think:)

Also, click the cover to purchase 🙂





Blog Tour: Allure of the Gypsies by Charles E. Yallowitz

By Jason Pedersen

By Jason Pedersen

New Year is here! New Year is here!
So let’s all head to Windemere!
Grab a drite and dance a jig
no matter if you’re small (Charles)
or big…

The final day of this blog tour,
in case you haven’t heard of “Allure”
Check out the links provided below
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The third book in the series is out
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Hit Facebook and reblog too

If he hasn’t killed me yet,
this next year is a sure bet
But I do the best I can,
for Luke and Nyx and the author man….

Happy New year peeps! Check out Legends of Windemere author Charles E. Yallowitz


And check out his books, and in particular “Allure of the Gypsies”



a night sky







A shuddering breath parts my lips
loneliness belies the truth
a snake coiling over my belly
and past my unadorned hips


The darkness casts a shadow
renouncing light imposingly
I reach for an apparition
A phantom specter no longer here


Peering around this tidal wave
a perilous sea of obsidian
memories of what we were once
tendrils of smoke my only friend


prisms of pain fall from my eyes
from behind my starless gaze
striated and notched this heart
repeats a simple phrase


“I need you” it whispers
with no reply I come undone
then settle into solitude
with bitter realisation

The Least Famous Reindeer of all






You know flasher and Pantser and Glancer and Texan,
stompit and Stupid and Gonner and Twitzen
But I doubt you recall the least famous reindeer of all:

There once was a flying sleigh famous the world around
for delivering gifts to boys and girls with glee and happy sounds
This notorious sleigh led by a jolly fat guy
was led by reindeer–fuel prices were why

Until one night when things went terribly awry,
and the sleigh got stuck on a mountain so high…

The reindeer were frightened and didn’t know what to do
this had never happened in all the times that they flew

Santa surveyed and tried to dig out, those silly reindeer
oh how they did pout.

There was nothing for it, the sleigh was stuck fast
And the air kept getting colder as that evening passed.

The days grew long and the candy supply grew lean
the reindeer were all starving and Santa grew mean

“Get up you lazy beasts and dig out this sleigh.
I want to get home by the end of the day.
There are cookies and cocoa and logs on the fire
Somewhere in the North my wife waits with desire.”

The deer were to weak to follow his command
some of them seemed to be growing quite mad…

Stupid and Gonner were the first to go down
no food and cold weather had knocked them around

Then one of the reindeer stepped forth with a plan
he looked at the others and then at fat man
“You know,” he mused as he looked at the others
“We took an oath as a band of brothers.”

“Starving are we with no oats, carrots and grain
but there is a bowl full of jelly we can reach without pain.”

The other deer considered, the next move they would make
all together they could overtake…

Santa’s eyes got wide and he swore so crass…
and then the reindeer took a bite from his….

And this is the story of how Donner was named
that Donner Party and the Mountain of Fame…..

Angel in disguise

Pamela this one is for you my dear

She puts aside her struggles
Her worries cast away
To brighten every moonlit night
And bring sunshine every day

If you asked her she would tell you
It’s really no big thing
But then she turns to walk away
And at once you’d glimpse those wings

I’m convinced she is an angel
This most precious friend of mine
Though she may not admit it
I’m convinced she is divine

A shoulder there to lean on
A gentle, calming heart
A friend so dear and important
Although miles apart

She will adamantly deny it
Hide her halo with innocent eyes
But everyone who knows her sees
She’s an angel in disguise

Love you Pam, and thanks