It is official! I’m a lunatic

Violet Balloon 2   The good news is, I have an entire

team of other

lunatics along for the ride with me!


The Community Story Board is officially open! Are

you a writer? Would you like the chance to feature

your work? We have a brand new blog for that.

Everyone please visit The Community Story Board

to find out how!


You can find our submission guidelines here:


Please note: We will not be posting submissions from non staff members until next week, but we are willing to take queries as of now:)




To the editors, authors and contributors:

The doors are open to you guys! Bring forth the writing!



23 thoughts on “It is official! I’m a lunatic”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to put this together Ionia. I think it is such a fantastic idea and already it is starting to take off. So kudos to you! 🙂


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