A couple of well deserved reviews for Mac Black (well, his books anyway.)

007 (2)

I should’ve done this long ago

for all the world to see

instead I got distracted by


like squirrels and how to kill me

So here I go at it again

finally posting some words

for my friend

he’s a great guy

this you must believe

or I’ll send you squirrels

and poison ivy leaves

So now here we go

no further ado

he’ll make you laugh

when you are blue

about damn time

I posted these reviews

You can find Mac’s books here
Please... Call Me DerekPlease… Call Me Derek by Mac Black

At first, this book seemed like it wasn’t making much sense to me for the initial chapter, but after the story gets going it is full of laughs and you just don’t want to put it down and go back to reality. Derek is the ultimate bumbling fool of a hero and you can’t help but love him for all of his quirks. I liked the plot behind this story. It is highly original and one of those things that makes you wonder how the author managed to come up with it.

The secondary characters are fun and add a lot of flair to this book, building a story that both makes you laugh, at times makes you stop and think and sometimes makes you shake your head and wonder how anyone could possibly think certain situations could ever be a good idea.

In some ways, this book had a bit of a Monty Python feel and the constant reasons to laugh carried me through to the end without a hitch. I was happy with the ending, although it was definitely not what one would expect, and look forward to reading the next installment in this series. If you enjoy books where the characters are oddballs and the narrative doesn’t quite fit into any one particular genre, this is the way to go. I had a really good time and found it was a nice vacation from reality.

Derek's in TroubleDerek’s in Trouble by Mac Black

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The story of Derek’s misfortune continues in Mac Black’s Derek’s In Trouble. Without doubt, Derek must be the most efficient trouble magnet to ever roam the earth. Seriously, trouble comes looking for him without him even trying to find it.

I loved this book even more than the first one Please… Call Me Derek

Mac Black displays his use of easy-going humour and fun characters well in this second book in the series. As you read these novels, you are reminded of people in your own life. The hilarious antics of the main character and his family reminded me of how odd life can really be on a day to day basis.

The conversations are fun and the use of Scottish Brogue was a lot of fun to read. It is so easy to listen to these characters in your mind and that makes them seem very real to the reader.

As Derek’s adventures continue, he is older and (wiser?) Okay, maybe not so much wiser. He is married, has a different life than he did in the first book, but still has struggles he must face and overcome and they are still giggle-worthy.

I also really enjoyed the secondary characters in this story. There are quite a few things happening, and the author manages to tie them all together in the end without it ever becoming confusing.

Hands down, my favourite character this time was Gran. She is an ‘agony aunt’ (advice columnist/radio personality–think Dear Abby for those of you who aren’t familiar) and she is one tough lady.

When you get started with these books, Derek becomes a member of your own family. He touches your silly side, but also your heart. I can’t read these books without feeling a little sorry for the guy.

I look forward to reading the next book in the series: Derek’s Revenge

If you haven’t checked out these books yet, you should. Need a good laugh? Want a story that is only just beginning? Try Derek.

Love you Mac! You are always a welcome guest on this blog!




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