the Tannenbaum Tailors and the Brethren of the Saints by JB Michaels

The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Brethren of the SaintsThe Tannenbaum Tailors and the Brethren of the Saints by J.B. Michaels

Thrills and mayhem run rampant in the continuing saga of suspense, sacrifice, and the spirit of Christmas.

The Spiritless are angry with Captain Brendan for making them think they’d stolen the Secret Snowball, and they get their revenge by attacking the Christmas tree of a human boy named Jack with termites. And another very special tree is in danger…

The Spiritless trap Brendan and the other Tailors and entice Jack to tell his parents all about the Tailors. But doing so would ruin the magic of Christmas!

The Tailors swoop in at the last moment, preventing Jack from spilling the beans, and send the Spiritless packing. For over a year, Brendan searches for the Spiritless leader—to no avail. He’s arrested and imprisoned for telling a human about the Tailors, so the Spiritless are able to continue in their diabolical plan.

Can the Tailors save the Home Tree—and Christmas?–Goodreads

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After reading the first book in this series, I was excited to see that the author had written another. Whilst the first in the series set the pace for future stories, this one really took off with new characters and an exciting adventure that children and adults alike are sure to love. From the beginning of this story interesting events unfold and continue to keep the characters rushing to solve the mysteries until the very last page.

There are a lot of things about these books that make me happy, but it is always the creativity of the author–the Christmas related gadgets and gizmos that I love the most. Full of fresh and original ideas, these books light up the imagination. I can just see those tiny little elves zipping around the Christmas trees performing their unique tasks to ensure that kids everywhere have the holiday they deserve. The imagery alone is worth the read.

I like it when I can see a series grow from humble beginnings and this one is doing just that. This book is packed with a sense of adventure and exuberance and leaves you wanting more when it is finished. The characters are cute and will definitely keep the attention of a child, but they also have a way of working themselves into your heart. This book is charming, has a good overall message about the spirit of giving and reminds you why Christmas is such a joyous time.

The only thing I can see that might be a small negative, is that there isn’t much of a back story in the beginning, so if you haven’t read the first book, you might find yourself a bit lost when you start this one. Otherwise, I thought this was delightful and am happy to recommend it to others. A perfect read for Christmas Eve, settled beside the fireplace with the stockings hung–or any other time of year that you want to entertain the kids.

This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.