The Plague Diaries by Ronlyn Domingue

The Plague Diaries (Keeper of Tales Trilogy, #3)The Plague Diaries by Ronlyn Domingue

The astounding, epic conclusion to the Keeper of Tales Trilogy brings together the cryptic prophecy in The Mapmaker’s War and the troubling mysteries in The Chronicle of Secret Riven—leading to an unforgettable reckoning between lies and truth.

We are all born made of gold.

Secret Riven—the mystically gifted heroine who now represses her uncanny telepathic power—works for the mysterious magnate Fewmany as an archivist in his private library. There, she stumbles upon the arcane manuscript that had vanished following her mother’s untimely death. She suspects the manuscript contains a profound secret, and she is yet unaware of its link to a thousand-year-old war and her own family’s legacy.

The tasks before her are clear: Secret must finally learn what Fewmany wants from her as well as the meaning of a strange symbol she’s dreamed of since childhood. At last, she must confront the questions haunting her and depart on a quest to find the truth about herself, her dead mother, and her fate—to unleash a Plague of Silences meant to destroy, and transform, the world as all have known it.

A dazzling, genre-bending masterwork, The Plague Diaries illuminates the power of our choices, the scars they leave, and the wounds they heal.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ever get to the end of a really great series and desperately want to read the last book, but not want to at the same time because you don’t want it to end? That was me with this book. I knew it would be great, and it was even better than I thought, but I feared turning that last page because I knew once I did I would feel a bit lost. Now what am I going to read that will be this good?

In this final book of the series, a lot of things have happened that will make the reader want to find out more. There’s magic and mystery, events from the past that surface and change the outcome of the future and at the center of it all is Secret, a perfect name for a character that must deal with just that–many secrets. I loved the genre boundaries that this book pushed. It is the kind of story that will make you think, make you question what you know about the world of the characters and their lives and even your own.

The writing is clear and concise, the best words chosen to help the reader see the surroundings through the character’s eyes at all times. There are lines in this novel that are so flawlessly beautiful that you want to print them and tack them up on the wall and that, to me, is the sign of a very talented writer. I loved the descriptions of the library, the grounds and the overall atmosphere of this book. I was able to get lost in it and forget that anything else existed. if you enjoy books where you are never quite sure what is going to happen to the characters you have come to care about, this book will be a great addition to your collection.

I was pleased with the ending, finding myself satisfied (if a little misty-eyed) with the way the author chose to conclude her series. Loose ends were tied up nicely and I walked away happy to have had the opportunity to read this final book and hoping for more from Ronlyn Domingue in the near future.

This is a wonderfully imaginative series and “The Plague Diaries,” is the perfect conclusion. You would be remiss not to read this book. Recommended to everyone that wants a good, strong story to get your mind’s cogs turning.

This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher, provided through Netgalley. All opinions are my own.

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